Infused with Mexican Flavors

Classic French Croissant and the rich flavors of Mexican Cuisine

What sets Mexican croissant breads apart are the fillings and toppings that infused with Mexican Flavors, Latin American favorite, Queso, Jamon y Queso and NEW Pepperoni. They can be filled with a variety of options, such as rich chocolate, sweet vanilla cream, cinnamon-spiced sugar, or even fruit jams like guava or strawberry. These fillings add a luscious and indulgent element to the croissant's buttery layers.

ReyPan, breads are handmade from the finest ingredients and are traditional Latin American recipes.

Mexican Restaurants, local delis and supermarkets have become fans of our ReyPan products, and the Croissant Bread is one of our best sellers. They are delivered to you frozen. Bake what you need each day to eliminate waste.

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