A Unique Culinary Experience

Pan de Queso, also known as bread with cheese.

Holds a special place in the hearts and plates of Latin American people. This delightful baked good combines the comforting flavors of bread and cheese. creating a unique culinary experience that has been enjoyed for generations. The Origins of Pan de Oueso traces it's root back to the indigenous cultures of Latin America. where corn and cheese were the staple ingredients. As European colonizers arrived. they brought wheat flour and their baking techniques. blending them with the local traditions. This fusion gave rise to various regional versions of pan de queso. each with it's own distinct characteristics and flavor. ReyPan has developed one of our own called Pan de Oueso Pepperoni.

ReyPan, breads are handmade from the finest ingredients and are traditional Latin American recipes.

Mexican Restaurants, local delis and supermarkets have become fans of our ReyPan products, and the Pan de Queso Bread is one of our best sellers. They are delivered to you frozen. Bake what you need each day to eliminate waste.

flash frozen pan de queso
pan de queso

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