Delivering Handmade Authentic
Latin American Breads with Pride

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In the heart of Wellington, Florida, a small wholesale frozen bread manufacturer called ReyPan Inc. has been quietly making a name for itself.

With a dedication to preserving time-honored methods and using the highest quality ingredients, ReyPan Inc has emerged as a trusted provider of authentic Latin American breads to local restaurants, supermarkets, and food distributors. I want to take you behind the scenes of ReyPan Inc, a business that started with just one employee and has now grown to a team of seven passionate individuals, including a 75-year-old master baker from Colombia.

ReyPan Inc had humble beginnings, with a single employee who began bringing the flavors of Latin American breads to the local community. Drawing upon traditional recipes and baking techniques, the company set out to create a range of authentic breads that would transport customers to the streets of Latin America with every bite. From the start, their commitment to quality and craftsmanship was unwavering.

Preserving Tradition and Quality

ReyPan Inc prides itself on using the finest ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers. Every step of the bread-making process is carried out with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that each loaf or roll that leaves their bakery is of the highest quality. The team understands that authenticity is key, and they strive to recreate the flavors and textures that define Latin American breads.

At the heart of ReyPan Inc is their 75-year-old Master Baker, Manuel, from Colombia. With decades of experience and a deep understanding of traditional baking techniques, he serves as the guiding force behind the business. His expertise and commitment to perfection are reflected in every product they produce. The team at ReyPan considers themselves fortunate to have him as their mentor and leader.

ReyPan offers a diverse range of Latin American breads.

Each handmade with care. Among their popular products are the delectable Pan de Queso, both in small and large sizes, which showcases the rich cheesy goodness loved by many. Additionally, they produce Telera, a Mexican bread with a soft interior and a slightly crispy crust, as well as Concha, a sweet bread roll adorned with a sugary topping that delights the taste buds.

With their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, ReyPan has established strong relationships with local restaurants, supermarkets, and food distributors. Their reputation for delivering high-quality, authentic Latin American breads has propelled their growth, expanding their reach and impact on the local culinary scene.

telera pan de queso

and Craftsmanship

ReyPan Inc stands as a testament to the passion, dedication, and craftsmanship behind authentic Latin American breads. From its humble beginnings with one employee to a team of seven, they have remained true to their mission of providing high-quality, handcrafted breads that capture the essence of Latin American cuisine. With their Master Baker from Colombia at the helm, ReyPan Inc continues to grow, delighting customers with their delicious Pan de Queso, Telera, Concha, and more. As they forge ahead, ReyPan Inc remains committed to preserving tradition, delivering excellence, and sharing the rich flavors of Latin America with their community and beyond.

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